Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'The Nest India Foundation'

The Nest India Foundation (NEST) is a charitable Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act. It is formed with the objective of providing shelter, food and education to the orphaned children and support their all round development

Who has organized /running the NEST?

The Trust is run by its trustees. There are eleven trustees for the Trust. They have come together with the common urge to make a change in the lives of marginalized children.
The president of the Trust is H.G. Thomas Mar Themotheos. Fr. Wilson Jacob is the Working President. The other trustees are professionals involved in varied fields.

What is the inspiration for commencing NEST?

The inspiration for starting NEST is the Bible verse Mathew Chapter 25 - 34 to 46 . This inspires every individual to feed the hungry, cloth the naked and nurse the wounded.

Where are the children sheltered?

The first project of NEST is a shelter home for girl children named Angel Nest. This is situated beside the police camp, Vijayanagar, Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai, India. Angel Nest is a two storied building measuring 1750 sq ft.

Why a project for girl children ?

While growing up as an orphan, a girl child faces greater challenges. In India the prejudice against girl child starts even before she is born !

Who are eligible for admission to NEST?

A girl child below the age of 8, who is either an orphan or having only a single parent who is seriously ill, is considered for admission.

What type of training is provided to the children?

All children are sent to school. Often the incoming child would never have attended school before. Such children are provided additional teaching support at NEST. At times children are admitted to the local language medium school and later shifted to English medium school.

In which Std/grades children are studying?

Junior KG- 2, Sr KG- 1, 1 std- 1, 2nd std- 10, 3rd Std -7, 4th Std- 3 and 6th Std- 1

Who takes care of the children?

There are two lady staff members who look after the children. They help the children in their daily activity, study, school going..ect. Further, the trust has appointed a committee comprising of six lady members who regularly visit NEST and oversee the welfare of the kids. They make suggestions for improvement and such suggestions are considered in the trust meetings.

What are the extracurricular activities?

The children are encouraged to learn songs and dance. They also participate in various competition/programs at the school and win prizes.

How do NEST / Trust meet its expenses ?

The trust meets its expenses through contributions from trustees and well wishers. You can also give your contribution here.

Is the trust accounts audited?

Yes. The Trust accounts are audited annually. The account statements ,certified by a Chartered Accountant, is submitted to the office of the Charity Commissioner,Mumbai and Income Tax dept; every year.

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Angel Nest India

Behind Police camp , Marol Maroshi Road , Vijay Nagar, Andheri East , Mumbai- 400059.